capacity operated relay

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capacity operated relay

Postby lyle0009 » Sun Jun 19, 2016 11:13 pm

I built a capacity operated relay when I was a teenager about 1956 from an article in Popular Mechanics. As I remember the relay would chatter a lot. I do not have the circuit diagram that I used at that time but I remember that the tubes were a 117L7/M7 and a 2050 thyratron. I recently (May 2016) rebuilt the device using the Rufus P. Turner diagram supplied by you but substituting a 117L7/M7 for the 50B5. The circuit works fine, no relay chatter. I was wondering at what frequency the oscillator is on. In the new version that I built the circuit oscillates at 3.2 megahertz. I also wondered what the voltage on the grid of the 2050 tube was. When the voltage is minus 2 volts DC on the grid the thyratron is off. When the voltage increases to minus 1 volt DC the thyratron fires setting off the relay.

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