Custom Made Coil

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Custom Made Coil

Postby MikeD » Sun Oct 09, 2011 7:57 pm

My name is Mike Davies and I built the Capacity Operated Relay described in the article. I'm an electronic hobbyist primarily interested in tube technology and its application. I am not an Electrical Engineer (by profession I'm a geologist). My experience and training is restricted to the research I have done on electronics and the electronic projects I have built, mostly tube oriented but a few solid state. This was a really fun project because it actually worked and I learned a great deal about electronics. Please pass on any comments you may have about the article. In particular I would enjoy hearing about the technical aspects of the project and what I could do to improve electronics knowledge. If you have any questions about the project I will be glad to help where I can. Thanks

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Re: Custom Made Coil

Postby Elvirafan » Sun Jul 08, 2012 6:55 am

Very nice construction. The glass jar was a good idea, showing off the coil without sacrificing safety. The glass will also not detune the coil.

Great job on the coil itself - very neat and orderly. I have wound my own coils for a custom superhet, and it's some work, particularly winding the IF coil while avoiding interwinding capacitance. I eventually built an analog TV, winding all the tuner coils myself.

You've got me beat on the metalwork. I've been building projects since the 1960's, and I'm always looking for ways to hide the little goofs and scratches.

Good work, and try some more projects!


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