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Postby te-admin » Tue Jan 04, 2011 4:27 pm

The purpose of this forum is to discuss articles in the Tubular Electronics magazine. Discussions will include suggestions for improvement (and modification) of construction projects, as well as suggestions for the improvement of various other articles. Also included will be discussions, and online help for those having difficulty constructing or operating a project. It is requested that discussions of specific articles (or projects) be posted in the forum “room” established for that particular article.

Everyone will be able to read these forums without signing in. Everyone can also post here without signing in as well, but you will have to solve the Captcha, and your post will have to be reviewed by a moderator. If you become a registered member and have three moderator approved posts your subsequent posts will be displayed right away without any moderator review.

Update: We have added a Sortables Captcha for your fun and pleasure, and the sortable items are electronics related. A Captcha is required for all non-registered guest postings, and for new member registrations as well. Simply drag and drop to sort the two columns, no typing required. Should you encounter any discrepancies with these questions please visit the magazine contact page for the current contact email address.

Remember, once you have had three approved posts to the forum your posts no longer require moderator approval.

We are always open to suggestions regarding posts and spam abatement, please contact the board administration.

Relevant posts are always welcome here. Join up and introduce yourself.

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