Forthcoming Articles

Written By: Izzy Weird - Dec• 24•10

The Miller #695 Capacity Relay Coil

Here is a sample of Tubular Electronics article topics that are planned for the future.

  • The Capacity Operated RelayA lesser known “Weird Science” project that works like magic.
  • Upgrade your Hafler DH120 amplifier This 25-year-old amplifier gets an audiophile overhaul
  • Troubleshoot and repair LED Christmas light stringsFind out why they fail so often
  • Build a Showman Bass amp headModeled after a Fender Dual Showman
    Teaser Pictures:
    Layout of main component board
    Layout of power supply capacitor board
  • Explore vintage un-built electronic kits in detail Enjoy the nostalgia of these kits without buying them and paying big bucks on eBay.  See two short “teaser” articles below.
  • Build the WaveWizardA high performance Capacity Operated Relay
    Teaser Pictures:
    Layout of oscillator for WaveWizard
    model VT-70
  • Explore the CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent) lampA dimmable energy-efficient light bulb based on good old neon technology
  • Restore a Zenith AM radio console

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