Build A Capacity Operated Relay With A Custom Made Coil

Written By: Mike Davies - Oct• 08•11

The Capacity Operated Relay is a device that can be used as an electronic switch to activate a variety of things. The novel part of the device is that it is operated by a hand approaching or moving away from an antenna attached to the device without actually touching it. In the middle part of the last Century J. W. Miller Co. designed the Capacity Operated Relay and marketed the Miller Cat #695 Capacity Relay Coil so that the device could be manufactured. These devices were used in animated store window displays such that when a window shopper approached and placed their hand near the antenna it activated the window display. They were also used as burglar alarms. My version of the Capacity Operated Relay will switch 120 Volt appliances (lamps, motors, etc.) on and off when the hand is placed close to the antenna plate. It is a project that has a variety of uses both fun and practical and I learned a lot about electronics and tube systems.

Forthcoming Articles

Written By: Izzy Weird - Dec• 24•10

The Miller #695 Capacity Relay Coil

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Build A Capacitance Operated Relay

Written By: Izzy Weird - Dec• 24•10
Editor’s Notes:

This is a construction project for a “Capacitance Operated Relay” (a.k.a Capacity Operated Relay) from the “Electronic Hobbyists’ Handbook” by Rufus P. Turner, first published in 1958. (Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 57-9010)

(Information obtained from the United States Copyright Office indicates this book  is no longer under copyright.)

I have added some notes on the construction of this project after the end of the original piece.


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